Discover the Future botanical gardens of CHÂTEAU PÉROUSE


The Future botanical gardens

The botanical park of Château Pérouse is the result of more than 15 years of research, reflection and work to achieve a specific concept. The area of 154 acres opens up almost infinite possibilities, but we never lose sight of the main objective of the project which is the Mediterranean vegetation.

Over the centuries, illustrious botanists have made numerous studies while exploring the world bringing seeds, specimens and observations back from their voyages. They have drawn on an inexhaustible inventory and defined "archetypes" of plant species having the same characteristics. The so-called Mediterranean plants obviously occupy the Mediterranean, but their features are also found in .... Australia, South Africa, Chile and California.

An original idea emerged ... to create a large botanical garden of Mediterranean species.

The metamorphosis of the place operates slowly.

  • First, the atmosphere of the current garden surrounding the house has been improved. We have created a nursery for large trees, an essential step to help their development and their evolution prior to implantation. Nature is generous and gives us cuttings and seeds. This gave us the idea to create a second nursery in which we grow these seedlings ourselves.
  • Second, and in compliance with environmental charters, we have installed an experimental garden where we test all the plants coming from all over the world.

All these studies and trials represent a challenge that can only succeed with a key partner....... time. The opening of the first phase is scheduled for 01-04-2023. To access the provisional schedule "Click here".
We invite you to join us in our universe which would not have been as rich without the knowledge found in study-, research- and specialist-books. You will find the list here in Learn More.
For a better understanding of the whole plan, see the Google interactive map below which represents the park in its final form. The park will expand in phases.

General plan of the park - Zoom for more detail