Provisional Planning


Provisional Planning

Key dates of Château Pérouse Project

16-10-2004:  Domain Acquisition

2005 :           Acquisition of 1.100 trees planted for the futur project and in large nurseries

2006 :           Reconstruction of the gardenwalls + installation of the main irrigation system

2007 :           Upgrading the existing garden

July 2010:     Beginning of the realization of the Japanese River

Begin 2013:  Creation of test garden 1

End 2016:    Creation of Australian test garden

End 2018:    Creation of South African, Chilean and Californian test gardens

April 2019:   Filing of the Project Declaration

October 2022:    Start construction 1st phase of the Botanical Park

April 2026:   Opening of the 1st phase of the Botanical Park (Mediterrenean Garden) + Start construction 2nd phase

July 2028:    Opening of the 2nd phase of the Botanical Park (South African and Californian Gardens) + Start construction 3rd phase

July 2031:    Opening of the 3rd phase of the Botanical Park (Australian and Chilian Gardens)