Explanation Hotel

The nineteenth century castle dictates the architectural style and is the soul of the park. It will be connected to a 5 star hotel with different spaces, rooms and suites organized around "patios". The hotel will feature a gourmet restaurant, a spa, a conference center and a shop selling local products.

Due to respect for the environment and to avoid noise and visual nuisance in the botanical park, the vehicles will be parked in an underground parking.

3 Restaurants.
The gourmet restaurant with about twenty tables will be situated on the ground floor and benefit from a view of the garden.

The Bistro will be located on the 1st floor and will offer light meals and international snacks. In its extension, the Wine Bar will offer a variaty of local products.

The Club House will have a restaurant. The building will be at the beginning of the golf course and of the botanical garden. It will host members of the Golf Club as well as visitors of the botanical park.

Spa - Wellness Center.
The Spa will be located on the 1st floor on the left side of the hotel. Decorated with mosaic, it will cover over 2,500 m² with a steam room, sauna, relaxation room, jacuzzi, beauty salon, fitness center and an indoor pool.

Event planning.
On the ground floor, facing the garden of pines, you will find a reception and lounges of about 900m² which can be used for seminars and has a capacity of 150 people.

The Club House will accommodate evening and night events.

A boutique on the ground floor will offer brand clothing, flowers and local luxury grocery products.

Castle garden.
The castle garden will only be accessible for visitors of the hotel complex.


General plan of the Hotel - Zoom for more detail