The experiments


The experiments

The development of the Botanical Park in numbers as of 5-1-2022

The testing of Plants

The hybrids.
In the beginning we mainly bought hybrids. Slowly, as our knowledge increased and the plans for the botanical garden assumed further shape, we turned our attention to purchasing botanical taxa (see above).

Obtention of plants and seeds

Obtentions of the plants and the deaths

The seed development

The seeds.
Because we work with rare species and taxa that grow far from our region, it is rarely possible to buy the plants we are looking for. For this reason, we spent a lot of time looking, not only at nurseries but also at seed suppliers. This search is now paying off and in the last years we have been able to buy a large quantity of seeds. Some of them are already germinating in our nursery or with our partners.

We are seeing a clear shift in the purchase of plants towards our own production.

The results of seeding

The cuttings

Since 2018, we have a cuttings program to determine the multiplication conditions for each taxon that we have on the estate.

The pre-selection.
We have listed a wide range of plants of more than 66,000 taxa (plants spieces) + synonyms which have been listed in a database to identify the botanical taxa whose presence is found in the Mediterranean climate zones and which can be obtained.
We have defined areas with specific spheres unique to each Mediterranean region. The procedure induces the acquisition of young plants and/or seeds which are placed in culture according to the need of each type of plant (in nurseries or directly in our experimental gardens). We conduct tests and acclimatization phases to complete the process by the final planting.

We still have to test about 9,000 botanical taxa integrated into our data base and drawn in the design of the future botanical park. These amounts may change because of our future trips… The table below provides a non-exhaustive list of botanical taxa (seeds and cuttings) that we can currently acquire to test.

Californie Afrique du Sud Australie Chili Bassin méditerranéen (NouvelleZelande) (Asie) Total
2 305 5 219 3 826 1 650 4 682 (295) (816) 17 682