Collection of Podocarpus


Collection of Podocarpus

Distribution and habitats
The Podocarpaceae are a largely tropical family. Outside of this they occur mostly in the mountains of the southern hemisphere. The family is undoubtedly of Gondwanan origin with fossils going back to the Triassic found on all the southern continents including Antartica.

Growth Habits and Features
They are characterized by specialized seed cones with only one seed and is variously enclosed or subtended with soft often colorful and at any rate to certain animals tasteful tissu. However, as in other conifers, Podocarpaceae are wind pollinated. Hence the pollen cones do not differ from the Pinaceae but the seed cones are profoundly different.

In this family you will find also a great diversity of sizes and habitats ranging from tropical to subarctic and mountainous to flat lands.

Main source : A handbook of the world's conifers - Aljos Farjon

Collection level within the scientific classification of species : we have placed our collection of Podocarpus on the level of the family Podocarpaceae.
(Podocarpaceae family, genius Afrocarpus, Dacrycarpus, Dacrydium, Lagarostrobos, Lepidothamnus, Nageia, Phyllocladus, Podocarpus, Prumnopitys, Retrophyllum, Saxegothaea, Sundacarpus)

State of the collection : We currently have on site 28 taxa of the family Podocarpaceae, out a total of 171.