Collections CCVS


Collections CCVS

Our efforts to preserve biodiversity have been rewarded by the french Conservatory of Specialized Plant Collections (Conservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisés).

Our garden is built around micro-climates taking into account (among other things) geological and climatic aspects. We test differences in plant functioning to identify their preferred micro-climate among all the micro-climates we can create in the garden. Our work by collection of genius allows us to analyze and group its plants by micro-climate similarities.

We organize collections at different levels of scientific classification of species in order to accumulate the most similarities.

We have always favored exchanges. We believe that if we have the opportunity, it is our duty to share with the greatest number the research that we lead but also the pleasure of botany.

In 2019, we received the approval of 4 collections:
- Collection Agréée CCVS d’ACACIA des régions tempérées
- Collection Agréée CCVS d’EUCALYPTUS des régions tempérées
- Collection Agréée CCVS de MELALEUCA des régions tempérées
- Collection Agréée CCVS de PODOCARPUS des régions tempérées

Of cource we will improve our collections and continue our work on other collections.