The Australian Experimental Garden


The Australian Experimental Garden

The garden was created in 2016 to acclimate plants from australia.It have been established related to the sun exposure and the wind which allow us to observe their behaviour.

Many genious are represented in the garden whose the genius Acacia as in the picture above. In the foreground, on the left, was planted Acacia irrorata and on the right a group of Acacia melanoxylon. Both are from the Eastern Australia.

On this picture, on the foreground on the left we found a group of Allocasuarina verticillata and on the right a Melaleuca ericifolia commonly known as Swamp Paperbark, native to South-Eastern Australia.

Here a Melaleuca lateritia in flower from the West coast of Australia.

From left to right, starting with the glaucous-leaved shrub, we find Atriplex nummularia, Correa alba, Correa decumbens and Poaceae are Poa labillardieri.

Plan of the Experimental Australian Garden - Zoom for more detail