Acacia workshop


Acacia workshop

We are labeled ACACIA National Collection CCVS of temperate regions. Click here for more information


  • Apprenticeship training center & other levels by adapting the content


  • Understanding the collection: Why this or that plant was chosen
  • What is its place in the phylogenetic classification (Family, Subfamily, Tribe or Genus?) Recognition of the plants
  • History of the discovery of these plants, their geographic location, microclimates and soil composition
  • Impact of the microclimate on the physiology of the members of the collection (acclimatization under shade veil and implantation in our gardens)
  • The different seeding methods (greenhouse)
  • Multiplication techniques and follow-up of the plant development and IT-methodology


  • Presentation of the objectives of the certification and the implementation of the collection
  • Brief presentation of the role of the CCVS (Conservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées)(Conservatory of Specialized Plant Collections)
  • Learning phylogenetic classification
  • Presentation of plants and their history, define the countries of origin and their climate, the composition of the soil (and drawing a parallel with our region)
  • The adaptation of plants on-site, the climate, the conditions of exposure to various variations, the specific nutrients linked to the different plants
  • Various planting and propagation techniques (depending on the season)
  • The technical and IT tools necessary for the creation and monitoring of collections

Educational tools

  • A presentation of natural atmospheres to be seen before the Workshop in PowerPoint® and OpenOffice®
  • The team of botanists
  • Field and greenhouse observation
  • Potting tables and greenhouses made available to groups of students divided into small groups
  • Introduction to the techniques and processes of planting in pots and in the ground


  • Depending on the content developed, a ½ day or a full day (depending on the season, possibility of picnicking on site in the park)

A non-exhaustive and modular program depending on the season and the ideas provided.