Roundabout Michel Pons

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Roundabout Michel Pons

At the request of the municipality of Bouillargues we have again created a green-space in a housing estate. We use the same substrate for this first test, as that of our garden.

The constraints

The municipality does not have an integrated watering system in this sector (only manual) and the garden located in an urban area does not benefit from shade, it is surrounded by mineral (walls, roofs and bitumen), thus increasing the ambient temperature. Plants must be adapted to water stress.

The choice of plants

Taking into account all these elements, and our experience, we have selected Australian plants, more specifically from Brookfield Conservation Park north-east of Adelaide. We will monitor the plants in partnership with the landscape maintenance of the municipality. This garden aims to keep a permanent visual aspect, it also allows us to test other plants.

Communication tools

In addition to the 'experimental' aspect of the collaboration, the landscaping must appeal to the inhabitants of the district as well as visitors to the municipality. In particular on the unusual choice of species tested. For this, the municipality of Bouillargues has set up a QR Code panel in the area. By connecting, people will be directed directly to a dedicated page on our website. Via Google Map, they will be able to access by clicking on the map the individual file of each plant present on the site. To have the botanical description, the qualities, the relevance of the establishment, as well as their possible medicinal virtues, the methods of plantations, conservation, need for water, and a whole range of non-exhaustive and constantly improving information.


Bouillargues is located about fifteen kilometers from our Botanical Garden. We are therefore in the same climate. The difference (it is in this that this test garden finds all its justification) lies in the objective of rubbing shoulders with the reality of a communal development requiring much less maintenance and without watering. In our garden, we do everything so that the plants develop, it is our essential goal, but which only makes sense if we anticipate what our climatic future will be.

Roundabout Michel Pons - zoom to see the detail of plantation