Research topics in the garden

Our research is focused on the accumulation of the know-how necessary for the creation and maintenance of a major botanical garden. To do this, we have our own experiences and partnerships with which we do related research.

Our own research

Our own research focuses on:
- The most successful germination techniques for more than 17,000 taxa.
- Finding the right recipe for on-site cultivation of more than 17,000 taxa.
- How to retain water on the site.

Pollinator research

Since 2013 we have been organizing pollinator identifications in collaboration with Jean-Laurent HENTZ naturalist from Gard Nature. Here you will find the research document that we will change as the document evolves. In addition, we linked the observations to plants in our html documents by taxon.

Research on the cultivated trees for the botanical garden

In 2020, we are starting research on the effects of our cultures on the 2,000 taxa of trees under cultivation. Files will be made available as soon as they are ready.
The first study concerns our Eucalyptus collection. We work in collaboration with Claire ATGER, botanist, research engineer and associate researcher in the company Pousse-Conseil as well as Yves CARAGLIO, botanist-researcher. We analyze the root system of Eucalyptus and their entire development.